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Answers to common questions about the site.
Audio Files

Most of the audio files on this site require that you have the free Real Player installed on your machine. You can get a copy of the player for free from You can download the free player by clicking here. They have some higher end versions that cost money, but the free one will work just fine for listening to our audio files.

Some of the audio files here may be encoded in Windows Media format. If you want to listed to them, you will need the free Windows Media Player. It comes with Windows, so there's a good chance you already have it installed. If you do need to download it or to upgrade your current version, you can do that by clicking here.
Video Files

Most, if not all, of the video files on this site can be viewed with the free Microsoft Windows Media Player. You should already have it installed on your computer. If you do need to download it, you can do it by clicking here.
Problems Accessing Certain Pages

If you try to access certain parts of the site, for example the Sin Audio library, and you get a "Permission Denied" message, then please read this section.

The cause of this error is almost always that your system is blocking the "referrer" info from being sent by your browser. Several internet security programs including Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm can both be set to block the referrer data. If either of these are set up to block that data on your system, then some of the content on this site might not be able to validate your membership when accessing those pages. You can temporarily turn off the referrer blocking and it should start working for you. Opera and Netscape users can turn referrer block on and off in their browser as well.
Email Support

You can email Laurel anytime if you need help, have suggestions, or if you just feel like bugging her!
Cancelling Membership

You can easily cancel your membership at any time by clicking here and filling out the appropriate form. Of course, we would rather you didn't and we would appreciate it if you would send us an email to let us know why you might be considering leaving and what might make you stay. Your opinion is the most important influence on the site, let us know your thoughts!


Model's Ages

All of the models on this site are at least 18 years old, as required by United States law. In accordance with U.S. law, the U.S. government has the right to view the proof of age for the models on this site. You can find the contact info for the photographers, who have the proof of age for each model on file, here.


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