Stories by Stephanie Sarge
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18 with a D-Cup
Busty teen seeks solace from male teacher, and gets more.

A Dom & A Fem
Rachel finds sisterly love in Philadelphia.

Along the Path
Hiker voyeur happens upon two hot ladies with toys.

Behind Bars
Barbara makes friends in jail.

Big and Hard For Money
Well-endowed Carl finds a use for his talents.

Big Girl
Full-figured vixen gets some action.

Black and White
Two White girls at the gym take on their hunk ebony trainer.

Blonde in the Orient
Hillary's new job in Tokyo has fringe benefits.

Born to Suck
Oral girl can't resist clits or cocks...not even her father's!

Car Trouble
Naive Midwestern girl pays for ride to L.A. the hard way!

Claire # 1: The Seduction
Housewife discovers lesbian lust at a lingerie sale.

Claire # 2: The Juice
She gets more than a workout at the gym, with help from well-built Samantha.

Claire # 3: Lingerie Party
Hot housewife spends the afternoon with her girlfriends.

Claire # 4: The Babysitter
Claire comforts teen girl, and gives her a lesson or two.

Claire # 6: Close Shave
Claire and her two girlfriends get silky smooth together.

Dad's Tapes
Amanda shares Dad's porn with Danni.

Guy meets his Amazonian fantasy at the gym.

Exposing It
Jeffrey's exhibitionism gets him in wonderful trouble.

Fat Farm Stud
Ben helps women work off those unwanted pounds, the fun way!

First Time
Kevin discovers men.

Kentucky girl discovers love & lust in San Francisco.

Glory Hole
Horny, hung Josh finds a new thrill. 

Hard Nipples
Shelli helps her busty boss Steffi relax.

In Need
Horny daughter just can't get enough.

Pretty coed is taken and made into a sex slave.

Mission of Mercy
Teen hospital volunteer gives elderly man some real nursing.

Oral Devotion
Teen Sherri and her friends are literally addicted to come.

Preggers and Hot
Horny pregnant Wanda finds relief.  NEW 

Horny teen satisfies Miss Linder.

Danny is lured into slavery...and loves it! 

Shower Time
Deputy takes good care of two female inmates.

Stop Sign
Sexy female cop teaches a speeder a lesson.

The Ad
Well-endowed Danny places an ad in a swinger's magazine.

The Affair
Linda finds satisfaction in illicit lust.

The Afternoon Tea Party
The Gray Widows swallow more than cookies & tea!

The 'Big' Party
Jenny's introduced to a wild club of well-endowed men.

The Break In
Burglar surprises church-going family.

The Carny
Carnival worker scores at more than the games.  NEW 

The Chatroom
Sarah discovers live bisexual chat.

The Doctor's Exam
Young athlete gets a full check-up from horny doctor and nurses.

The Ebony Satisfier
Black kidnapper gives White housewife what she's needed.

The Elevator
Tom helps young mother with her milk-filled breasts. 

The Ex
Husband's past comes back to haunt him.

The Fraternity
New frat member gets to know his fraternity brothers.

The Maid
Sexy teen finds out that her new job has unexpected perks.

The Massage
Wall St. banker gets hands-on treatment from Mike & others.

The Masturbator
Mark just can't stop peeping!

The Motel
Voyeur motel owner installs cameras in the rooms.

The Plumber
Jake fixes a widow's plumbing.

The Principal's Office
Student catches staff in a compromising position.

The Reunion
Scott's reunited with his high-school crush...and teacher!

The Salesgirl
Young shoe store employee makes a memorable sale.

The Shower
Janitor gets an eyeful in a girls' school locker room.

The Strap On
College girl discovers women.

The Subway
Terri gets a helping hand on the el train.

The Switch
Frank brings Claire a present from Amsterdam.

The Visitor
Roommate Anna brings home a surprise.

The Wedding Dress
Bride-to-be gets the fitting of a lifetime.

Two Girls
Maggie shares her amazing clit with her friend Kaye. 

Under His Spell
Patrick uses his special powers for fun.

Under the Table
At this restaurant,YOU'RE for lunch!

Vice Cop
Being a vice cop has fringe benefits.

Wake Up
Tom wakes up his lover Gary in the best way possible.

War Victim
Tom & Erica try to satisfy the insatiable Su Lin.

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