Erotic by Red
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A Change of Attitude
Hubby complains, then Red gets mad... and gets even. (with audio link)

A Letter To My Love
She tells you how she feels about you. (with audio link)

All By Myself
Lusty red misses you. (with audio link)

A Blowjob To Die For
Advice for your girlfriend or wife: Red gives the straight scoop on purrfect technique. (with audio link)

A Burning Passion
Your friendship blossoms into a lusty affair. (with audio link)

Cheerleading Practice
Red bonds with her fellow cheerleaders. (with audio link)

My Day at the Zoo
Red & Janice give hunky stranger a real show. (with audio link)

My Favorite Fantasy
She's bound and gagged by a mysterious man. (with audio link)

My Summer Without Men
He was her favorite student. (with audio link)

Our Summer Beach House
Coworkers + house on the beach = hot group sex. (with audio link)

Teacher's Pet
He was her favorite student. (with audio link)

The Love Swing
Husband has a sexy surprise for their anniversary. (with audio link)

The Passion Becomes A Reality
Your mutual desires are finally satisfied. (with audio link)

The Frat Party Pt. 1
Freshman nursing student Red goes to her first fraternity party.
(with audio link)

The Frat Party Pt. 2
Red wakes up with a stranger in her bed. (with audio link)

The School For Sex
Jade finds herself prisoner of a bizarre school. (with audio link)

The Trouble With Chastity
Poor frigid princess seeks relief. (with audio link)

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